shapiro-wilk normality test

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    Do I have to conduct a normality test for only one paired sample?

    I have to conduct an action research and I only have one participant. I intend to give the participant a pre-test (before intervention) and a post-test (after intervention). Since this is an action research, I intend to do at least two cycles. I want to know whether the intervention would make...
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    Royston approximation for Shapiro-Wilk normality test

    Hi, Shapiro-Wilk article support tables only for n<=50. Patric Royston support calculations for a(i) and P-value based on W for n<=2000. and probably ok for n<=5000 in the following article "Approximating the Shapiro-Wilk W-test for non-normality" Are the values in Shapiro-Wilk article also...