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    Shapiro wilk effect size

    Hi, Do you know how to calculate the effect size for Shapiro Wilk test? When using Shapiro Wilk test on a large sample, most likely it will reject H0 even for normally distributed population, since large sample will identify the minor effect as significant. Thanks :)
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    Help with normal distribution

    Hello friends of the forum I have the following doubt ... If I have a sample of only 24 discrete data, how can I prove that these data follow a normal distribution? When I enter the data into a specialized software, the software tells me that the sample fits a normal distribution, but I'm...
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    Problem in Structural Breaks

    Suppose, if I draw samples of different sizes at time t=1,2,..,T,T+1,..,2T where the sample sizes could be different and the observed variable is a ratio. I want to test whether there is a structural break at time t=T for the observed variable. What statistical test is recommended? I want to...
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    Comparing groups - which test should I use

    My study is to assess the mental state of elderly patients, one of the objectives is to compare the mini-mental categories, which is an instrument that measures the level of cognition of classifying subjects into 4 categories: normal, pathological suspicion, deterioration and dementia, but I...
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    Violation of normality assumption for One Way Anova - Non parametric test?

    Hoping somebody can help with this? Recently we conducted a small study with ten participants. Each participant completed the same two tests, 'Test A' and 'Test B', during one session. Five particpants (Group AB) performed test A first, while the remainder performed test B first (Group BA)...