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    SigmaPlot Boxplots

    Hi all, New here and hoping someone might be able to help (with what is a potentially stupid/obvious question--so apologies if that is the case). I am trying to make some boxplots on SigmaPlot, however I have realized the calculation they use to compute the quartiles, as well as the whisker...
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    SigmaPlot 12.5 - Kruskal-Wallis followed by Dunn's post hoc - how do I get p-value?

    Hello, I've been using SigmaPlot12.5 to run nonparametric Kruskal Wallis test, followed by Dunn's post hoc. When I get the read out for "All pairwise comparisons," the results only tell me if the P-value is less than or greater than 0.05. Is there a way to have the program provide the specific...
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    Sigmaplot - Add labels to data points in a ternary diagram

    Hello, I'm working with ternary diagrams in sigmaplot and I need to add the name of each data point to the plot. I was able to change the symbol into the name, but it looks confusing. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks!
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    Sigmaplot - two sided horizontal bar chart

    Hello! I've recently downloaded Sigmaplot 13 in order to easily make graphs etc. for my master thesis. However, there's one thing i struggle to do. I've captured butterflies in two forest types, and now I want to make a horizontal bar chart with the y-axis in the middle and the x-axis starting...
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    Two level label of x-axis?

    Hi all! I would really appreciate your help on this...I am using Sigmaplot and I want to create a vertical bar chart with two levels of labeling at the x-axis. Thank you very much in advance
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    SigmaPlot: Statistical Significance

    Hey guys, I'm trying to add statistical significance data to a graph I have already generated on SigmaPlot (vertical bar with error bars). I have already generated the p values which determine the significance, but cannot find a way to add them to the graph. I was thinking adding data labels...
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    3D stacked bar chart in SigmaPlot?

    Hello, does anyone know, if it's possible to create a 3D bar chart using stacked bars in SigmaPlot? If yes, how? You would really help me! Thanks a lot!
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    Separate Error Bars in SigmaPlot12

    I'm having an issue inserting asymmetric error bars into a grouped bar graph on SigmaPlot version 12. The SEM is already calculated for each "bar" on the graph and I have a column with the SEMs right next to the column with the means. The information I found for creating asymmetric error bars...
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    [SIGMAPLOT v12] correspondence analysis to gaussian curve

    A correspondence analysis was performed, which generated an X and a Y coordinate. I have a third value that I want to use as a Z coordinate. How can these three values be used to create a gaussian curve in SigmaPlot?
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    Removing interaction effect on 2-way ANOVA?

    Hello, I've run a 2 way ANOVA of my research results and got these 3 p-values: A=0.001, B=0.069, and A*B=0.167. My professor now wants me to remove the interaction effect from my analysis. Does anyone know how I can do this? In the program I am using (SigmaPlot), there is no option for removing...
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    Data will not normalize & need to run ANOVA

    Hello, I have a set of data that I need to run a 2-way ANOVA on. My data is very highly skewed to the right, so it does not follow a normal distribution. I have tried just about every transformation I can find, and cannot get my data to pass the K-S normality test. I wish I could just run a...
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    [Sigmaplot] - error bars

    I am using SigmaPlot to show a multiple line and scatter plot for 4 different experimental conditions. I want to display inter-quartile ranges as error bars, however when doing this the error bars for each line overlap therefore making it difficult to read. Does anyone know how to stagger or...