significant differences

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    Contingency Table Analysis by chi square problem

    I am trying to figure out a chi square problem, and I keep getting stuck. The problem reads: A researcher tested single mosquitoes from five different locations for the presence of a particular virus and obtained the following data: Location A B C D E w/ virus 3 7...
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    Indicate significant differences between two clustered bars

    Hello, I'm trying to add line and star annotation in a clustered bar chart, in order to indicate significant difference between two groups, similar to this: Example in MATLAB Can anyone help me, how can it be done in SPSS?
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    How to calculate significant differences

    Hi Everyone.. I am stuck on one of my assignment questions. I have two samples, let's say List of employees in one Department A each with an average salary, as well as for Department B each with an average salary. I have been ask to calculate if there is a significant (p=0.05) difference...