similarity matrix

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    Testing for similarity between countries

    For my thesis, I am looking at the effect of environmental controversies on the profitability of Chinese and European firms. As part of my exploratory analysis, I have to check whether or not the European countries are similar enough to consider them as 1 group. I collected data on economic...
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    Which text similarity algorithm should I use to compare the context of Instagram hashtags?

    For a study I am comparing companies based on the posts written by their Instagram followers. I apply the following technique: Nike has 1.000.000 followers. 2000 random followers of Nike are selected and the posts created during the last 365 days by these profiles are obtained. The posts of...
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    Proc distance method=dgower

    Can anyone please explain what SAS is doing with the missing data when computing Gower or dGower coefficients? I have gone back through my data and computed some of the coefficients by hand (as outlined in Robert Drennan's 2009 Statistics for Archaeologists) but I am not getting the same...