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    LISREL-SIMPLIS 2nd Order MultiGroup Measurement invariance Testing

    Hi Hi. I am using LISREL 8.8 (Simplis Commands) I am stuck in doing 2nd order Multigroup measurement Invariance - specifically i cannot get through the stage for equal intercepts (strong invariance/Measurement intercepts) I kept having errors and model does not converge. Hope some one...
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    [LISREL SIMPLIS] help with scalar invariance and calculating latent mean factors

    Hello, I am conducting measurement equivalence on a two country sample (US and IN). I have established configural (baseline) and metric equivalence. However scalar invariance has not been established (the model change checks out but CFI change is less than .002). I examined the modification...
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    [LISREL] Is sequence of variables in Prelis important for making a model in SIMPLIS?

    Hi everyone, I'm creating a structural equation model for my research by means of LISREL. Recently, i noticed that the order of my variables in my prelis file changed my entire model. I started by simply importing my spss file in Lisrel, updated the variable type and created a covariance...