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    How to Analyze Multi-wave Data with No Groups and "Treatment" Applied Then Removed

    I have a data set with 3 waves of data, and the final N=110. There are NO groups – i.e. everyone in the study does the exact same thing. Participants complete a survey at all 3 waves. At Survey 1 (S1) I collected a variety of baseline measures (Baseline Var A, Baseline Var B, etc.). At all 3...
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    Therapeutic Outcomes for a single group at 3 time points

    Hi, I would be very grateful for some advice because I am getting really confused! I have been collecting outcomes data (3 different questionnaires with likert scales) for a therapeutic intervention at 3 time points: referral, year 2 and year 3 (discharge). It is a single group (n=400) with...