skewed distribution

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    Unbalanced, non-normal, heteroscedastic ANOVA alternatives.

    I wanted to compare the means of 4 groups, all of which with a different number of observations. None of the group residuals are normally distributed (nor their log-transforms) and they are also heteroscedastic: at worse the SD of one group being about twice that of another. ANOVA, including...
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    significance of the difference between two values

    Hello all, I'm working on a skew-normal distribution and would like to know if the difference between 2 values of the data set is significant. It's the distribution of Mutual Information between couples of lemmas (100,000 of them). You can see the distribution on the jpg image. What I...
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    25th percentile of right-skewed and left-skewed distribution

    Hi All, Is it possible to have two lists of numbers with the same number of elements and same average, where one has a left-skewed distribution and the other has a right-skewed distribution and the 25h percentile of the numbers with the right-skewed distribution is smaller than the 25th...