small sample problem

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    Comparing Distributions of Datasets

    I've been asked to find a method to best compare the distribution of a number datasets that have small sample sizes. Bonus points for a solution/result that is in a scale of 0-1, i.e. a distribution approaching 1 is bordering on perfectly unequal and a distribution approaching 0 is bordering on...
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    N needed comparing groups in linear regression with many covariates-do I have to few?

    I have two easy, but for me at this point rather devastating, questions I was hoping for one kind hearted or bright individual,or two, to reply on. I'm doing a study with data from a national representative population study. The design is cross-sectional. I've run into serious troubles with...
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    Hi all, First timer here. I am hoping this is the right forum and that someone could point me in the right direction. I am analyzing a dataset which contains over 4500 points. Almost all the independent variables are indicator variables. It so happens that at some levels of the variables...