spatial statistics

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    Pcfinhom and Kcross.inhom unexpected behavior, heterogeneity or not?

    I am currently analyzing the spatial patterns of a tree species using the " spatstat " package - point pattern analysis (pcf, pcfinhom, pcfcross.inhom, Kcross.inhom). I struggle with heterogeneity and bandwidth (selection) concepts and functions output (strange graphs). I posted the data and the...
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    bayes for generating new data

    I am estimating a tree inventory for a city. I have already measured the heights and identified the species for about 1000 trees in some areas of the city and I want to estimate the remaining species composition based on the collected data. There are about 150 different species. I have...
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    Is Sea Level Rise Data from NOAA an Areal Data?

    I am working on sea level rise and I collected the data from NOAA. In the "meta", they describe the data is obtained by : Hourly : three-point Hanning filter centered on the hour Daily : 119-point convolution filter (Bloomfield, 1976) centered on noon applied to the hourly data with...
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    Spatial statistics: proving a relationship between the proximity of two features

    Dear all, I have several maps of an estuary, with two variables noted for each year the map was made: position of salt marsh edge and position of the main water channel (which are essentially composed of many vertices [points]). I want to know if there's a relationship between change in...
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    Spatial Statistics and SAS Books

    Hi all, I am looking for a book that explains applied Spatial Statistics methodology using SAS. I am interested in Spatial, Spatiotemporal data and Kriging. Thank you.
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    Skewness/kurtosis in a spatial regression analysis

    Hi, I'm currently conducting a spatial regression analysis. I'm trying to decide whether my response variable needs to be log transformed. I understand that regression analyses assume normality of the residuals. I also understand that the best way to calculate how close to normality the data...