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    Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please?

    Hi! Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please? I am a complete dummy, so I need a "for dummies-explanation". I would be very grateful for the help. All the best!
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    Geisser-Greenhouse Correction Nonsignificant Effect

    I've read several pieces of documentation that say that the Geisser-Greenhouse correction for sphericity always increases the p value. I've noticed in SPSS that if a test is not significant (before any correction), sometimes the Geisser-Greenhouse corrected value is actually less than the...
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    Sample difference in repeated designs with control

    Hi everyone, as my computer crashed a few days ago, I lost the source to an article I was reading referring to how large the sample size deviation in repeated measures can be between treatment and control group. If I remember correctly it cited Stevens (might have been Student though) on how...
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    Differing p values on rep-measures ANOVA: Sphericity Assumed vs Multivar test

    I've run a 2x3x2 repeated measures ANOVA on SPSS. This brings an output with two tables that show you p values for the main effects and interactions. The first is called 'Multivariate Tests'. This gives 4 p-values for each contrast, however as I only run univariate analyses these 4 values...