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    calculating and interpreting SD from mean and SEM

    I have some summary stats on people's drink intake and I'd like to work out the variance. Frustratingly I have no access to the full data set so I'm having to infer the shape as much as possible from a handful of descriptive stats. I have access to the mean amount, the standard error of the...
  2. R

    Normalizing a Skewed Distribution; using Excel and Carlberg book

    From the book Statistical Analysis, Microsoft Excel 2010 by Conrad Carlberg, page 23: In general, you can use Excel's SQRT() and LOG() functions to normalize a negatively skewed distribution, and an exponentiation operator, for example,, =A2<sup>2 to square the value in A2, to help normalize...
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    Regression with sqrt transformed dependent variable - meaning of the model's B value?

    Hi fellow nerds :) My dependent variable had to be transformed by square root (so the residual plot would be normal). I usually use log10 transformations and then the B value (slope) translates into the percents of the dependent variable, but what do I read from a B=-,499 (P=0,015) of a...