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    Make predictions with standardized coefficients

    Hello, I've been struggling with a problem since a while, hopefully someone here could help me out. The problem: I want to use the coefficients from a previous research to make a prediction equation. The problem is that the paper only lists the standardized (beta) coefficients of the...
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    Standardizing Similar Groups with Different Internal Variables

    I am on the student government at a college, i feel like there has to be a way to create a scoring system for a organization. For example like lets say org through great events, used all its money, followed all of our guidelines. They get their budget increased by 1.125 the upcoming year. There...
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    Trouble standardizing regression slopes

    Dear readers, Hopefully you can help me with the following problem. I am using meta-analytic software to perform a meta-analysis. When I perform meta-regression in this program, results only show unstandardized slopes (B). To allow comparison of my predictor X (in days) with others (from...