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    Regression with two fixed effects in STATA 11

    Hello, I need to run a standard econometric model (a standard panel regression) with two fixed effects in STATA 11. Could you please help me and tell me what is the code that i need to input. The fixed effect variables are country and year. Thank you in advance!
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    [Stata - Regression with categorical variables correlated] Multicollinearity

    Hello! I'm currently working on my thesis and I have a problem. I'm doing a regression where many variables are categorical ones (profession, neighbourhood, religion, etc). In my regression, I've already omit one category for each categorical variable (which is needed to avoid...
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    How to use a mix of random effects and fixed effects?

    Hi, all :wave::wave::wave: I was reading a paper about Free Trade Agreements impact on trade, here is the link I have been contacting the author, but he wouldn't explain in detail :confused::confused::confused::confused: For...
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    Plotting Marginal Effects of an Interaction term in STATA 11.0

    Hi guys, I have an interaction term between two variables = xz = x*z and have run the regression xtreg y x z xz i.year y is also a continuous variable 1.4-23.4 x ranges from 0-142 and z ranges from 0-21.8 (not sure if these ranges help) when running the regression my coefficient...