stata commands

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    Case control study - selection of control group

    I am starting a nested case control study using a pre existing dataset. I want to look at patient factors associated with relapse of tuberculosis. I need to select my control group. I am not sure of the best approach. Would generating a random sample using Stata be correct or would...
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    Add leading number "1" in each row of a variable on year in Stata

    Hi guys! I would like to know how to add the number one "1" in each row of a numeric variable on year of birth. Explaining it better: my data set came with the variable "year of birth" with only the last three numbers, for instance "996", "987", "976", the one "1" is missing in all rows. I...
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    Time Series and Rolling Regression Using Stata

    Hi, I tried to run rolling regression on some inflation rates data and plot the coefficient values with Stata 10 but couldn't get the results I want. Below are some selected Stata codes [not the full set] I used: //my data are yearly inflation rates [variable "inflat"], and the duration is...