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    Factor Analysis (categorical variables)

    Hi everyone, I need to run a factor analysis on a few nominal variables. They have no defined order, therefore, I cannot use polychoric correlations to create a matrix. My variables are coded such that: 1- respondent 2- husband 3- In laws and so on. I have eight variables and will...
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    can I use year dummies in mlogit (Stata) if I have time-varying independent variables

    Hi, I am trying to run an mlogit some panel-data in Stata. I know that gllamm is recommended. I was also given the advice to cluster by my caseid variable, and to include year dummies to control for any unobserved time-effects. Curious if this is a legitimate piece of advice? I am trying to...
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    calculating time difference between sub groups in a data set

    Calculat time difference between two events in data set Hi everyone, I am a beginner and I have a data set that I want to analyze, but I don't know if it is possible to do what I want using stata. I have data in the format No time event user network 1 9:02:01...
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    [Stata] How to Get the Beta Coefficient as a Variable using Stata

    After regressing by gvkey: lag1 lag2 I get 815 tables with a beta coefficient included. But I am only interested in getting these betas in a list for further use. Thx for your reaction in advance!
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    sales growth-rate with multiple groups-conditions

    Cross-posting @ @ german: ="" I want to calculate the annual sales growth rate of different firm-groups in Stata. The firms...
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    Generating Dummy Variable from excel file into STATA

    Hi all :) I am currently doing a research thesis titled "The Effects of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) on Indonesia's Trade". I have a panel data that consist of indonesia and its partner trade data from 1980 to 2011. In short, I have to create dummy variables of FTA that signed by Indonesia...
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    Erasing duplicate variables (by date) from a large dataset

    Hi there, I am university student doing my Honours in Economics this year, I am currently stuck in the data management process of my research project. I have been provided a dataset by NZQA of over 3 milloin observations. Each observation contains a student number, date of birth, date...
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    Monthly total in calculation in Stata

    Hi there ! I have time series as year and monthly ( 1975m1 24.2 1975m2 22.2 and so on) ( also as attached). Now i want to calculate the total and average of each months value i e i want to know the average of 1975m1 , 1976m1 1977m1 on and similarly for other months too. Also want o...
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    Help, stata noob here

    Help: creating a variable nevermind.