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    multivariate regression problem - correlated residuals

    this question asks for help for a statistical/econometric problem I can't get the clue: I have a classic multivariate regression problem, i.e. dependent variables are stored in matrix Y having dimension n x p. So p observations come from the same respondent i and we need to expect correlated...
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    [STATA - gsem] Multilevel Structural Equation Model - Meta Analysis

    Hello, I am quite familiar with mixed effects (multilevel models) in meta analyses. Now, I want to do a mixed effects (multilevel) meta analysis structural equation model (MASEM) with STATA and the gsem package because my data format is long. My data look like: `id studyId...
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    Between and within group differences

    I am doing a research project on antisocial youth behavior and SES inequality. I am supposed to run two level logistic regression in STATA. There is an advise in conducting this analysis: "Distinguish between school vs within school differences in bullying, and then perform new descriptive...
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    Granger Causality and Heteroskedasticity

    Hello! My name is Magdalena and I have the following problem; I have daily returns of 60 firms from the year 2000 to 2015. My aim is to test for granger causality between them and to see which firms are leaders or followers over different time periods. I would like to test for Granger...
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    groups in xtmixed

    Hi all Having some issues with Stata when running xtmixed. The main issue being the number of groups (in initial Group Variable table) is not what I expect it to be. This is a 3-level model. The first is hospital, the second is individuals. As in individuals is the higher level , as they can...
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    My First Model

    Hello, I am doing a Master's and I am at the dissertation stage, and have to write and test a model empirically. However I am not sure about the functional form: Y = A(a)^Z + B(b/c)^Y + D(d)^X I want to estimate the effect of a on y. However I don't think the effect will have an elasticity...
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    Estimating treatment effect using movestay command

    Hello, I want to use the movestay command in Stata but my data is complicated and I’m unsure how to proceed. I would like to estimate the treatment effect on sales using endogenous switching regression for consumers who participated in a cashback and those who did not. More specifically, I...
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    Time-varying covariates in linear mixed models/multilevel models

    Hi! I am a Norwegian phd student exploring the effects of nocturnal road traffic noise exposure in children. One of the research questions is whether noise exposure at different ages (3, 5, 7, 8 years) is associated with body mass index measured at those same four ages (does the association...
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    Stata: Test that the difference between two groups = -1

    Does anyone know how to test the hypothesis that the difference between people without and with kids = -1 per night in Stata? I have the data set with kids as a dummy variable, but can't figure out where to start.
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    Gravity model

    Hi I am currently writing an assignment regarding a trade model using a gravity equation. The dependent variable in the model is Ln(X) and the non-dependent is both Ln (GDP, distance and so on) AND binary variables. So the question is: can I use SPSS for this kind of modelling or would...
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    Adding up values of variables

    Hey guys, I got a rather complicated problem: I have two variables, ID and Country ID Country 11 US 11 KR 11 CA 23 US 23 US 23 US 25 CA 25 JP 31...
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    Choosing the Correct Analysis - Comparing Categorical Independent Variables (STATA)

    So I want to compare the rates of infection in patients who received drugs A, B, C, and D. Patients could have received one, two, three, or all four drugs, and they could have been given each at different days during their stay. Infection could have happened before the drug was administered, or...
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    Pleease help!? Filling in "blanks" in Regression Output

    Hello! Can someone please explain, I need to fill in the blanks marked They provide this info in a row: Coeff:-9074.674 Std.Err: ?? p-value: 0.000 95% Conf.Intervall: -13272.86, -4876,485 How do I calculate Std.Err & t-stat here? Please help me, thank you! :) Best Regards
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    generating average with missing more than X values

    hi all, let's say i want to take the average of 5 scores for class tests for each student in a class. the data looks like the below EXCEPT averagescore. That is the column I want to generate! student test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 averagescore 1 7 8 NA 7 9...
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    Calculate HHI

    Hi Guys, i am pretty new when it comes to using stata, since i need it to finish my master thesis. Now i have to to calculate the HHI for over 2000 observations. My data is structured as follows Bank Year Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Belarus Bank of China...
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    Increasing variables decreases DFs?

    I'm sorry if this is a total noob question, but I cannot figure it out. When I'm adding variables into my regression into STATA, the degrees of freedom (and observations) decreases significantly. In particular, adding one variable decreases them by about 1,000. I am only looking at the same 6...
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    Stepwise Logit Regression - Drop of variables

    Dear All, I have a small question I hope you could help me with. I am trying to find a predictive model for a dataset doing a stepwise logit regression. I have a few variables with info that is included in another variable. E.g. "income" (0-9 with 0=income is missing) and "income...
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    Pie chart and percentage Stata

    Hello, I'm starting with Stata 13 and I'm trying to make a pie chart with the %s included. I have "press" all the "buttons" but nothing... It`s possible to do?? Somebody knows it?? Thanks!!
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    Latent Class Analysis with lclogit and gllamm-wrapper lclogitml

    Latent Class Analysis in Stata (llclogit, lclogitml, gllamm) Hi all, I am having trouble fitting a latent class model with Stata. I have a panel data set from an online discrete choice experiment. Each respondent was represented 12 choice sets with 2 alternatives and, therefore, had to...
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    ARDL model in STATA

    Hi to all, I am also using the ARDL in my model. So I used the varsoc variable to determine the optimum lag for my variables, than I used the ADF to test whether my variables have a unit root or not and also I used the Zivot-Andrews test for structural breaks. Now I am struggling with the...