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    HELP! Coefplot: how to display only certain variables?

    Hi everyone, I want to use coefplot just to display the coefficients of two categorical variables holding for all the others after a reg. I have saved the output of the regression with est store and then I use coefplot...this is the script reg umeat0 i.soclas6 i.titstu1 i.civstat1...
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    Merging PISA waves in Stata

    I am running into trouble trying to merge multiple PISA waves into one Stata file for running some hierarchical models. So far, I have combined the student and school files, but do not know the best way for merging 2000 through 2012. The problem is further complicated by the fact that...
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    Comparing proportions in a subgroup to proportions in the overall population

    I am trying to compare the proportion of patients in my subgroup with the outcome of interest to the proportion of patients in the overall population with that outcome, and test for significant difference in order to assess which subgroup variables I should be including in my regression...
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    Stata Unbalanced Panel Data - which ttest should I use to compare means?

    Hi, Apologies if this question is very basic but I have spent hours looking online and in forums such as this one for an answer and I am still unsure. I have an unbalanced panel data set of a few thousand firms, for the years 2002 to 2008. I have looked at the mean values for the audit...
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    Asynchronous DCC-GARCH

    Has anyone worked on an Asynchronous or Threshold DCC-GARCH in STATA? I've been trying to figure out how to write the code and am looking for a solution. I"m aware that there is no asynchronous options implemented in the existing mgarch dcc least that I can find. Thanks...
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    Surival analysis STATA - splitting up the time analysis interval/sum stats

    I am analyzing a data set - analysis of newspaper failure- over a 55 year time span and also looking at a time span of the last ten years. My goal is to analyze the two periods (split, but not in the conventional sense, the observation period) and to also get descriptive statistics on variables...
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    How to save constant terms (_cons) as a new variable in STATA.

    Hello, I have an unbalanced panel data. I examine 850 mutual funds during the period of 2000-2013. I ran regressions to estimate performance by using Carhart 4 factor model. Specifically, I have used the Carhart alpha in the prior 12 months as a measure of risk-adjusted performance. Thus I...
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    Merging three files, building panel data and regression

    I'm not a complete newbie in Stata, but I think I'm probably newbie by the standards of the forum, I think. The thing is, I'm trying to build a panel data and test a difference-in-differences model with fixed effects, but I'm having trouble with the merging of the files that I have. I have...
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    problem merging 1:1

    Hello all, I'm trying to merge two data sets. Data 1 contains the following variables: interview date, household longitude and latitude, cortisone level. (each row is a respondent). Data 2 contains: longitude and latitude for entire country, rain levels by geographical coordinate from 2009...
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    What test to use? – two continuous variables by one categorical - Stata

    Hi! Is there any way to test to see if a laboratory blood value is different between people in 2 categories while considering age? I am using Stata. For example, here is what I have done considering a categorical variable (instead of age): I also wanted to look at the difference in...
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    What is the stata command for two way repeated measures ANOVA??!!

    Hi :wave: I was hoping if anyone can clear up this minor confusion with regards to stata (im a beginner) and it would be great if someone can clarify it for me. I know the stata command that runs a two-way ANOVA is: anova DependentVariable FirstIndependentVariable##SecondIndependentVariable...
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    Moving Window Principal Component Analysis

    Hi, I'm finishing my thesis we're I'm forming currency-hedge investment portfolios out of the PCA on the currencies. I need to do a PCA using a "moving-window" of the previous 60 months of data, throughout my entire data-set. If you want the "pseudo-code" is: -Run PCA using previous...
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    How to get OR in STATA after xtlogi..,fe (multilevel)

    Hi guys I have been trying to get the odds ratios for my logistic multilevel regression with a fe estimator. I type my regression and then the post estimation command xtlogit, or But, the odds ratio I get for my primary X is way too big. It's 90,0. The variable do explain a lot of my...
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    Searching for accurate specification - panel data

    Hello Everyone, I am about to find best specification for my dataset. To begin with - I am trying to probe the effectivenes of the special economic zones in Poland in the meaning of growth of the economy in three similar panel data models for explained variables: a) registered unemployment...
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    Help from Stata users

    Hello Stata users: I am looking to create a new variable (Number) that will count the number of members present in an existing room at a particular time. Here is an example of my data and what I am looking to do: Person DateEntered Room DateStayed Number 1 23March2014...
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    Standardized country names in Stata and merge

    Hi all, I am currently attempting to merge different data sets in Stata. I have used the 'user written program' Kountry to standardize all my country names. And have used the kountryadd syntax to ensure that across all data sets, the variations of spellings are the same. However, when I...
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    Stata Recursive problem, Bellman equation

    Hi all, I need some help with estimating a Bellman equation for a optimal consumption in stata. Does anyone know how to do this? - How do I define a dynamic discrete model choice?
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    Utility Model Probit or Logit?

    Dear all, I'm trying to estimate a utility model in stata , but don't know where to start. My utility model is a dynamic programming model, based on the life-cycle of consumption and savings.. I have been able to work out all the recursive equations but have no clue on how to implement this...
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    Choosing the correct Statistical test

    I am writing my first year project about working conditions in Denmark and have done some statistical analysis. But I am in doubt whether I have used the right methods. The reason behind my despair is my absent teacher which resulted in a huge lack of guidance. (Enough self-pity) My problem is...
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    Importer fixed effect and time fixed effect

    I am running a regression on gravity equation while one of the variable is very significant when importer effect applied but not significant at all when time fixed effect joined. This is very confusing to me because this is the first time i use fixed effect approach. Many Thanks!