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    Probability Distribution

    Suppose it is known that 8% of males are colour blind. In a random sample of 500 males, what is the approximate probability that at least 10% of them are colour blind? Correct answer is 0.05. Can someone show the steps or the idea behind this question. Can someone please help me with this question.
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    Pillai’s Trace

    Of the 4 test statistics commonly used for MANOVA why is Pillai’s Trace used most often?
  3. C

    What is the population parameter of interest? When the responses are normal?

    The problems said: Students in Stanford are supposed to spend on average 3 hours of time per week for every credit hour they take. Last year, 263 randomly selected seniors were contacted and asked how much total time they spent on their studies over the last week and how many credit hours...
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    Average distance of the dart (Dartboard)

    Hello I have been struggling with this questions for some time now and I have no idea how to start it. Can you guys give me some tips? "A large circular dartboard is set up with a "bullseye" at the center of the circle, which is at the coordinate (0,0). A dart is thrown at the center but lands...
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    plot type 'line' will be truncated to first character

    For anyone that can help me this would be greatly appreciated. I have to determine the probability of a Markov chain hittng state 1 before hitting state 5, with z varying from 0 to 1 and produce a plot. The code I have so far is: trials = 1000; hitone=0; for (k in 1:20){ z= 0 + k/20 for(j in...
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    Choosing a representative reference value

    Hello, let's see if someone can help me with this. I have a data series of a year of road traffic in a concrete point (number of vehicles/day) I want to find a stadistic, like the maximum, the mean, the mean plus the standard deviation or other that represent my data series in most of the...
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    Mediation analysis for two correlated mediators

    Hey people, I am trying to find an appropriate mediation analysis method. I want to investigate how an INTERACTION of two variables mediates the association of two different variables. I have read about mediation analysis with one or multiple mediators, but nothing about an interaction as the...
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    Estimating the Average and Standard Deviation with Missing Data

    I need a way to shows me how the parameters of PDF, log-normal in this case, can be estimated based on a set with missing data points at the tail end of a sample. For example, Consider we had 20 numbers with specified μ and σ, and then missed two largest number of them. How do we can estimate...
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    Help with statistics

    Only statistics that you need to calculate for it are the means, standard deviations, and sample sizes. Here are the results: Nutrient Test statistic value P Value Calories 3.984 .000 Saturated Fat 7.613...
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    Help me w/ stat. project.

    I'm a collage student and my final project is to research any topic, examining a single quantitative measurement and present the results. I'd like to research several aspects in regards to bulling. Such as how much has school bulling increased/decreased. If student victims of bulling graduated...
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    Parameters estimation.

    It is known that a sample consisting of the values 12, 11.2, 13.5, 12.3, 13.8 and 11.9 comes from a population with density functionf (x, α, β) = ( β/ \α ) (1 /x ^{ β +1}), for x>=1, α>0, β>0. Estimate the values of α and β. Here I have two parameters, and values, do I have to derive first...
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    Making sense of the data...Data analysis

    Dear Experts, I have data for a 12 months study done on 2 wastewater (Plant A and Plant B—Final Effluent and Discharge Point) treatment plants. Physiochemical (13 parameters tested) and Microbiological(bacterial) data were collected. Also there is the recommended standards against which all...
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    Someone please help me with these hypothesis testing questiong!!!

    Hi Everyone, I've got an extra credit for my statistic for social science/psychology, and I've barely hitting the mark to get a pass. So I was given extra credit questions. but I don't really know how to do them. Hope someone could really help me on this! Thanks![/ATTACH]
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    a question in uniform distribution

    suppose X1,…,Xn be random sample of U(0,θ) distribution. if X(n) be largest order statistics of sample, and V=nX¯/X(n), how can I calculate Var(3V−X(n)) X¯ is mean of sample.
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    Risk probability assesment

    Your exam could be marked with a range of possible grades, simplified as on the following state diagram: Acceptable To begin with the chances are that you will pass with a standard result. Each 45 minutes (the time allocated for each answer) your grade could go up or down to a...
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    Matrix representation

    A very new European “Rapid Reaction Force for Fire” has been created today and begins operation between three Countries “A”, “B” and “C”. It’s main resource is a super aircraft “Funderbird2” with a massive water cannon that even carries a small mini-submarine for fighting fires at sea...
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    How to I Calculate the Missing Values?

    IQ-scores are standard-score transformed scores having a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15; SAT scores are standard-score transformed scores having a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100. In what follows, X refers to a raw score from a distribution with a mean of X and a standard...
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    Multiple Regression Help

    Hello, I need help/advice with multiple regression analysis. I am looking at the degree of discrimination towards women in construction industry in terms of salary, promotional opportunity, harassment and psychological environment. Data that I have collected are -Age -Level of...
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    Need help with regression analysis

    Hi everyone, I am kinda confused with regression analysis. My research is to investigate the degree and trend women in the construction industry suffer from lower wage and harassment. What I got here is a dependent variable (Salary) and independent variables 1. Gender 2. Years of working...
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    What asymmetric distribution represents this data?

    Hello, I have this data: Bin particle_240 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0 6 0 7 0 8 0 9 0 10 2 11 0 12 0 13 0 14 0 15 0 16 0 17 0 18 1 19 3 20 1 21 2 22 3 23 10 24 8 25 6 26 5 27 7 28 14 29 11 30 14 31 14 32 16 33 17 34 12 35 17 36 16 37 17 38 26 39 19 40 26...