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    statistic and probability is is correct?

    Can someone tell me if this is correct? four American, three Italians and three Germans are seated at random in a row. what is the probability that 1) those of the same nationality are seated together? 2)Germans are seated together and non-German are seated together solution: sample space 10...
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    finding UMVU estimator of θ^2

    suppose X_1,…,X_n be a random sample of distribution with probability density function f(x)=2/θ *x* exp(−(x^2)/θ),x>0. how can i find UMVU estimator of θ^2
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    finding UMVU estimator of parameter γ(θ)

    suppose X_1,X_2,…,X_n,X_{n+1} be a random sample of distribution N(θ,1). if γ(θ)=P(∑Xi>X_{n+1}) (i=1,2,...,n) how can i find UMVU estimator of parameter γ(θ)
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    In need of help with choosing a statistical test for dissertation results!!

    Thanks again for the help. Only had time to do spearman's but worked out well
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    Ranked Data analysis Help

    Hi I need help analyzing data from a survey. i am looking at consumers shopping venue and their confidence in regulation by various industry players. Shopping venues question: please choose your top 3 shopping venues (1 for each and zero for those not chosen) Confidence questions: How...
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    bayes estimator

    Let x1,x2,…,xn be a random sample from the normal distribution N(θ,σ^2), where θ has distribution N(μ,τ^2) and where σ^2, μ and τ^2 are known. Find a Bayes estimator δ of θ under the loss function L(θ,δ)=1−exp(−(δ−θ)^2/2γ^2) where γ is known
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    unbiased confidence interval

    Hi let x1,x2,...,xn be a random sample from distribution in under function distribution . F(x)=[(x/θ)]^β , 0≤x<θ where β is unknown and θ is known find a unbiased confidence interval in level (1-α) for β
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    Correlate a continuous with a binary variable

    Hey everyone. I have a simple problem and was hoping to get your advice with. I am trying to correlate a continuous variable with a binary one. Let's say the binary variable represents a Yes/No option and the continuous just a number between 1-100. How should I go about doing that? I...
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    Significance test for differences in baseline and re measurement rates

    Hi, I need help in knowing which test to perform with this analysis. I have two groups (lets say group A and B). A study was performed with initial rates of heart failures in group A and B (i.e, baseline rates) were measured. After 6 months of follow up the heart failure rates in group A and...