statistical analisys

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    Parrondo's Paradox?

    I recently read about the “Parrondo’s Paradox” and i have a question. if u have a fictive game where all 3 probabilities are appearing [in case of a win(p1=0.5 - e, p2.1 = 0.75 - e and p2.2 = 0.1 -e; e= 0.005)] as it is needed for the game and as this are the given rules of the game. And you...
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    Which is Your Favorite Free Statistical Analysis Software?

    Hello everyone, my friends and I were looking online for free statistical analysis softwares for Windows 10 and found this article. Have any of you tried any of these? What is your first pick?
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    Creating an index to rank a list of companies based on how many areas they invest in

    I have a list of companies and 10 possible areas of investment for each of the companies. I would like to create an index to rank the companies based on the areas they invest in. More areas of investment would mean a higher index number. What would be a meaningful way to go about this. I thought...
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    Baysian statistical test

    Hi, how can we perform a baysian test which is alternative of Wilcox test.? My data is not normalized so can't do baysian t tests.
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    Statistical tests for SPSS - which is the most appropriate?

    I'm a little confused on what statistical test(s) I should use in SPSS, and hope that someone could enlighten me. Research is looking into the relationship between breed size and how an owner manages certain behavioural problems. A questionnaire has been used to collect behavioural data from...
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    Novice researcher query - Please suggest some statistical methods to use for my 1st quantitative research

    Hey Stat Gurus, Please help me in forming the questionnaire for my research questions, This study wants to explore the following research questions, Whether block based coding provides confidence for the 1st time programmers to pursue programming in the future? Whether the block based coding...
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    Statistical analysis for multiple dependent variables[biodiesel]?

    Hi everyone!First post here :) I am working on a biodiesel synthesis project via the acid route, and my objective is to see the dependence of 4 variables (x, y, z, w) on the yield of the reaction. For each variable a maximum and minimum limit was established, and I performed 16 experiments...