statistical analysis

  1. A

    Dummy Variable for repeated categories for the same observation

    Hello I am running a Random Forest and Decision Tree model and need to convert my categories into dummy variables since Python and its libraries are not able to hand categorical string data. Please refer to the attached Table: Of course I have other people in my dataset aswell and because of...
  2. T

    which test should i use for medical research

    Hei, I have done my experiments and now I have 5 control tests and10 different membranes to test with at least two samples each. (This is the row). And I have up to 50 different chemicals.(The column). The test it to see how much of the chemicals enter the membrane and which membrane works the...
  3. D

    Double or combined propbability

    Hi I am massively out of my depth here but wanted to know how you would work out something. I am looking at tennis statistics, 1st and second serve. if i have a player who on first serve loses 40% of them and on second serve loses 20% of them. what is the overall probability of them losing a...
  4. N

    Meta-analysis and longitudinal studies with baseline differences across two groups.

    I have a question on what meta-analysis is best when aggregating means using non-randomized longitudinal data with a control group that significantly differs from the active group at baseline. The outcome in question is depression, and the question is whether depression scores soar or fall in...
  5. A

    Statistical analysis in agriculture and agronomy

    Hello all members, I need your guidance about the analysis, as you are good at statistics. I explain my experimental design. Actually I inoculated 3 microorganisms (ASS-ASL and ASY using different concentrations i.e. 50-75 and 100ul/L). I wanted to check if these organisms at different...
  6. A

    Statistical analysis in agricultur and agronomy

    Hello all members, I need your guidance about the analysis, as you are good at statistics. I explain my experimental design. Actually I inoculated 3 microorganisms (ASS-ASL and ASY using different concentrations i.e. 50-75 and 100ul/L). I wanted to check if these organisms at different...
  7. D

    What test?

    Hi, It is 30 years since I did Stats 101, so I need a bit of help before I revisit Stats through LinkedIn Learning. I have attached an image on a spreadsheet whereby I have 10 leaders by 5 (A-E) variables, with the raw data and population proportion sample size. There is the REPORT which are...
  8. N

    Compare effect of different factors on one trait

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I need some guidance. I'm trying to help my friend to write a paper for an exam. I have a little experience with ANOVA and using MSTAT, but not so much that I could figure out on my own what to do next. It's really a simple problem and I'm a little bit...
  9. R

    Which test to use?

    Hello I want to analyse some test score data from a group of students that was measured at two different time points. The results of the test are continuous. And I want to see whether the results improved compared to the first reading. I have a number of other variables that I want to control...
  10. S

    Fixing different demographics behaviour on survey data

    Currently collecting employment/working satisfaction data from survey at different countries. Same set of questions is used. I have come across that people from some countries tend to be more optimistic/pessimistic than others. How can I take their answering behaviour into consideration when...
  11. S

    Method/test to use analyzing survey

    What type of analysis to do on staff engagement survey to find root cause of problem? Questions covers trust, well being, working environment topics. Answers collected are in 1-5 scale, 1 being strong agree. Method used so far is finding correlation between the questions. Any other...
  12. Yama Karimi

    Which test should be used with 1 dependent variable and 7 independent variables?

    Hello everyone I'm carrying out a research which tries to analyse factors affecting coffee consumption behavior, there are 7 independent variables on hand and 1 dependent variable which is coffee consumption behavior Is Multiple regression analysis can be used while there is relation among...
  13. H

    Need Help With Forecasting Analysis

    Greetings experts, I need advice regarding what kinds of forecasting methods I should use along with what kind of statistical distributions I can use to test my data. As of now, some forecasting methods I know are Holt's Method, Exponential Smoothing and forecasting error methods such as MAD...
  14. jerryuk5

    Any analysis other than descriptive analysis ?

    I am a post graduate student and my mentor approved my study however they remarked that my use of descriptive analysis to all my three variables ( AUDIT tool, Job Satisfaction Survey, and CARE feedback ) was simple and could have been better analyzed in other ways. Any suggestions ? I am also...
  15. J

    Stats help - uni project

    Hi all, im currently at uni and need help doing some statistical analysis. So what my project is primary based about is around animals, we score their weight on a scale of 1-9 (called body condition score) where 9 would be obese and 1 would be super skinny. My project hypothesises that owners...
  16. H

    correcting with poisson regression

    Hi everyone, I'm new to stats and I was wondering if anyone had any good resources that could explain to me: How one can correct their data (false-positives) using poisson-regression. I've been looking for some resources to explain it simply and give a step by step (in r ) but I've had...
  17. J

    Statistical Tests

    I am currently completing my dissertation and I need to compare some wave data. I have the forecast wave heights and the actual wave heights. I need to find how accurate the forecast wave heights were and therefore need the correct statistical test or multiple! Thank you, Jess
  18. K

    Hiring statisticians for a long-term trading project

    Hi everyone We are working on a stock and forex based trading algorithm. We are using statistical methods in our trading. We are already funded (but not live yet) so this is going to be a job from 1st day. We already have the idea. All of our team members will get a slice from the pie. This is...
  19. S

    Best statistical method for CFU/ml?

    I have sets of data in CFU/ml for different sampling sites collected in two different seasons. 1. How do I compare the CFU/ml between sampling sites within one season? 2. How do I compare the CFU/ml in different seasons of the same sampling site? one-way ANOVA?
  20. R

    Statistical analysis of scientific data

    Dear All, Hi, I am doing PhD in the field of material science. I want to know what kind of statistical method I can apply to interpret results of my experiment. Suppose, I have 30 samples and there are about 15 properties associated with each of these samples. With this post, I want to attach...