statistical modeling

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    Hello everybody! Can someone explain me how to consider the terms " 1(Xi > 0) " and the error term €i in the expression below ? This relationship comes from the article "Dealing with the log of zero in regression models" Dealing with the Log of Zero in Regression Models by Christophe...
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    Where can I find resources on statistical modeling of a within-subjects design?

    Hi! I have a mixed model design with 2 within-subjects factors and 1 between-subjects factor. In addition, my dependent variables cover a whole distribution. We tested the distribution from -5 to +5 in steps of 0.5 and would like to model the differences between distributions on different...
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    SOS-Where to begin on this complex data set and what Stat Model to use?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time EVER posting anything on the web for help, so here it goes. Recently I applied for a job and they sent me over this complex data set as part of the interview process. Of course I failed miserably and tried everything I could with excel. I would like...