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    Statistical Tool for Agricultural Research (STAR) - An easy user-interface program

    Hi everyone! ‍‍:) I made stat vid tutorials. Visit my channel and kindly leave a SUBSCRIPTION. :D Installation is FREE AND EASY!!!! (included in my channel) Click the following link: Statistical Tool for Agricultural...
  2. S

    object cannot be coerced to type 'double' inside ggplot

    I am trying to use ggplot inside switch statement. providing user to select options through switch. The user enters a variable and I search my dataset based on the user input and does some operations and I will plot the resulting subset of data. But after altering my data based on user input and...
  3. P

    Kindly need advise: what statistical package runs well on MAC?

    Hi all, I kindly need your advise, what statistical package that has full MAC support? I already have SPSS and R, but I try to use any variant of PLS because my co-worker uses smartPLS. However I read that smartPLS might not run well on MAC. Could anyone please suggest me? Many thanks
  4. B

    Population subgrouping analysis

    Hi all: I have a population consisting of 1000 different individual plant varieties collected from different latitudes (i.e. the geographic coordinates specifying the north-south positions on surface of Earth). We have generated close to 3000 molecular data points for each of the individual...
  5. D

    interactive query computation for statistical analysis

    The decision support is based on the query computations on the existing database. The interactive query is the basic need of end users. The accurate and complete retrieval conditions can help user get the required data from the database. At present, there are two kinds of interactive query...
  6. TheEcologist

    [FAQ] What statistical package is best?

    What statistical package is best? Unfortunately, there is no simple objective answer to this question. It all depends on your needs, skills and budget. There is a great Wikipedia page that gives you allot of information here and some good discussions on our forum. If you're still having...