statistics 1

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    An estimator for a Cumulative distribution function

    The salaries in a company distribute in a cumulative distribution function, λ is a constant. Am I correct to understand that η represents the minimum salary that is taken into account, and that the probability for every single salary is in relation to it? i.e the bigger the minimum salary, the...
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    black scholes equations applied to tennis

    Hello betfair trader here. I ask this question here because here is full of smart guys. Can I model a tennis match or some statistic regarding a tennis player using black scholes equations? I mean: can they come useful when applied in tennis in order to model the...
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    S1 Statistics question help! Majorly stuck

    Hi I have 3 statistics questions that I would like help with, 1. When Albert eats in a certain restaurant, he always eats either chicken or beef for his main course. And he always eats either sponge pudding or ice cream for his dessert. The probability that he eats chicken is 1/3, the...