statistics assignment

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    Help! Which statistical method/s is best to use in comparing the efficiency of two engines in terms of?

    Hello. I just need some help in practicing to determine statistical analyses. What is the correct/best statistical analysis for this topic "The Jet Engine efficiency comparison of Rolls-Royce AE3007A1 and General Electric CF34-10E2A1 in terms of nvPM emissions" I'll do the computations via a...
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    Choosing the right dataset

    Hi ! I need to choose a good dataset with at least two variables because I'll need to compare them by calculating measures of association, performing two-sample tests and maybe doing a nonparametric regression on R, ... Therefore, I was thinking about choosing a dataset about COVID 19 because...
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    Help with choosing a method

    Hi, I am currently conducting a short research paper for my university course and am struggling to determine which statistical analysis would be appropriate for the data I have collected. I surveyed two groups of 50 people: 50 x people aged 40 and over 50 x people aged under 40 My hypothesis...
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    Help regarding th topic: Shrinkage Precision Matrix Estimation with Application

    'Shrinkage Precision Matrix Estimation with Applications to Beamforming' or 'Shrinkage Estimation Precision Matrix with Applications to Beamforming'. I need help urgent regarding this topic. Any help like resources, references or how to solve this topic assignment please provide.
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    Working out standard deviation for three random variables with different sized ranges

    X = {1,2,3,4,5,6}, Y = {1,2,3,4}, Z = {2,4,6,8}. The question is: work out standard deviation of A = 2S-1, where S = the sum of the three random variables. I know that E(X) = 3.5, E(Y) = 2.5, E(Z) = 5 Var(X) = 2.916, Var(Y) 1.25, Var(Z) = 5 Now in order to find out the standard...
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    Please help me find the formula for this

    Hi everyone!Can you please help me find he formula for this. I'm sorry but I don't know. Five light bulbs burned out after lasting for 867, 849, 840, 852 and 822 hours of continuous use. Find the mean and also determine what the mean would if the second value is recorded incorrectly as 489...