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    [AMOS] Model with a categorical IV

    Hi all, I am looking for some AMOS advice regarding an experiment I've conducted, with a categorical IV. How should I include this categorical IV in AMOS? Experiment background: Participants in the experiment received a news item about brand A, brand B, or brand C (3 different types of...
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    How to modify the pair combination of cards created by orthoplan design?

    Hello, everyone.. I have a problem with creating an orthoplan design using SPSS v.20. I have a research about preferences. I have to create stimuli cards that will be ranked by respondents before conducting the survey. I tried the orthoplan design menu on SPSS and it resulted in 12 cards of...
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    How to specify the number of cards while creating an orthoplan?

    Hello seniors, I need help to specify the number of cards generated when creating an orthoplan design. I read that the default number of cards generated is 8, but when I typed 10, it resulted in 12. I modified the data view of the cards to only 10 cards and also the data of preference to only...