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    Chosing a model to forecast free cash flow of a company

    Dear statiticians, experienced users, Recently I have started trading in the stock market. An important element in choosing a stock is the intrinsic value, atleast for me. To calculate this intrinsic value, one needs to forecast the future cash flow based on past performance. I thought this...
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    Where can I put this question?

    I do NOT think the following stock application is good for a question in this site. Anyone can recommend me where to go. ************************************************************ A) For the use of R/SAS in stock market application, I like to make Excel file with 100 rows and 500...
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    Problem with allocating data

    Hello, Im currently writing my bachelor thesis in statistical finance and i have run into a small problem. I want to evaluate forcasts from my GARCH with realized intraday volatility. The intraday data is Tick-data over a certain period. The date column is presented as for example 2011-11-01...