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    Sample size for equivalency testing with multiple 'samples' per patient

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding sample size calculation for my research study and was not able to find an answer elsewhere. The study compares two imaging methods and should prove that one method is equivalent to the other method in terms of geometric measurements. The question...
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    Analysis of different influence factors in a study - method?

    Hi everybody, I am an engineer and trying to evaluate the outcome of a study. The participants were asked to rate the visual color match of panel couples on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (good). This was done with 50 panel couples and 25 participants. I want to investigate, whether there are...
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    Imputing Missing Values using Regression

    I have a table of 4 variables where some of the data is missing and I need to impute the missing values, my table is as follows: X1 X2 X3 X4 1.0 20 3.5 4 1.1 18 4.0 2 1.9 22 2.2 - 0.9 15 - - My notes for this material a quite...
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    Statistical Study Help

    Hi, would someone mind reading this study and explaining the statistics used and some of the graphs and charts? I'm only in an introductory statistics class so I'm not familiar with all the statistics in this study. Thank you!
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    "Is there a sig. difference in amount of subunits between 2 groups according to age"

    Hello! I think I've said it all in the title. I need to run right statistics to answer my question. I guess I have 2 independent variables (age in days and group code (1=experimental group; 2=control group)) and 1 dependent (amount of subunits), right? O.K. so I found out, that I can't do a...