subpopulation analysis

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    Complex Samples -- subpopulations in Chi-Square

    I have a survey design that I've implemented using the Complex Samples module. Running regressions, logit, etc, work fine with subpopulations specified. However, when I attempt to run a chi-square test using crosstabs I get the following warning: "The Test of Independence is not available...
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    Subpopulation analysis: Multiple imputation of survey data

    Hi there, I have a dataset with survey data elements (i.e., psu, strata) and am doing a multiple logistic regression with 12 variables (mostly binary or categorical). Three of which predict whether a variable is missing. Given that the variables are "missing at random" (MAR), I know complete...
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    Population subgrouping analysis

    Hi all: I have a population consisting of 1000 different individual plant varieties collected from different latitudes (i.e. the geographic coordinates specifying the north-south positions on surface of Earth). We have generated close to 3000 molecular data points for each of the individual...