sum of square type

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    Does the standard error of the regression not need to be corrected by n?

    The standard error of an estimator is defined as the square root of the the estimator variance (or mean squared error (MSE) for unbiased estimators). More specifically, if we wanted to get the standard error of the sample mean \bar{X}, we would divide the variance of the sample that \bar{X} was...
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    Statistical model for *Complete Randomized design (CRD)*

    Consider the statistical model for *Complete Randomized design (CRD)* y_{ij} = \mu + \tau_i + \epsilon_{ij}, \quad i=1,\ldots ,k, \quad j=1,\ldots, n_i, where $y_{ij}$ is a random variable that represents the response obtained on the $j$th observation of the ith treatment, and \epsilon_{ij}...
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    anova 3 way sum of square type - mtalb

    Hi, I have written 3way-anova in c++. I have 3 factors, lets say a,b and c. The result of my code is the same as MATLAB when I use type I sum of squares. But when I change the data so that the number of replicates is so high for a number of cells and too low for other cells: I don't get the...