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    How to calculate the integral of the sum of two kernel density functions in R?

    I want to calculate the integral (0 to t) of the sum of two kernel density functions in R. I wrote the code as follows, but it gives me error. I am sure about the kernel density estimation part, but it seems the summation or the integral part is not correct. I appreciate any help in advance...
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    distribution of sum of dependent binomial variables

    I have N bernoulli dependent variables, X1, X2, ..., XN, and Xi ~ B(1, pi), pi is already konwn. And Y=X1+X2+...+XN, I need to get the distribution of Y. If Xi, Xj is independent, then I can use the simulation, generate X1,...,XN using the bernoulli distribution, and get the Y; repeat 10000...
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    Infinite sum in R

    Hi dear R users, Is there any way for define following function in R? Thanks.
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    Egen rowtotal

    I want to sum the values of three variables but I want to treat the missing values as missing values and not 0s. The egen rowtotal command treat missing as 0s and for this analysis this is not correct. How can I treat the missing as missing and not 0s. Thank you Marvin
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    Regression fitted values

    I'm working with a dataset that I'm using to model total biomass (which was a variable created by adding three components of biomass). I also modeled each of these components as a function of the same variable. I am comparing the predicted value of the total biomass model with the sum of the...
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    Summing Weekend values to previous Friday

    I am finding a gap in continuous data that is throwing a wrench in a bivariate VAR. I need a way in SAS to sum the weekend data of one variable in order to match a day by day set of another (stock price data), How do I do that? set1 date var1 20130411 2.3 20120412 3.1...
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    Summation Problem - new in the forum

    Hello everyone, I am new in the forum and I came here because I am desperate. I am taking stats 1101 in school not because I chose to, but because I need this class to graduate. I have an assignment that is due next week and I need help with this question. My prof did not teach us this topic...
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    total deviation of the sum of unrelated means

    As a starter - I am a newbie to this forum (and forums in general). Also, I have a very (very) basic understanding of stats/prob. Thank you in advance for your patience and please don't hesitate to provide feedback that will help me, help myself more efficiently! I am trying to compute the...
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    Need help with this tricky average problem

    The senior citizen rowing club team is made out of 10 members. In order to compete they need to have an average age of more than 55 years; the problem is that members do not want to reveal their age, neither to know the age of the others, nor the minimum or the maximum. They find a way to do it...
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    sum to infinity

    Hi, just wondering can anyone tell em how to sum this term from k=1 to infinity? I used to know how to do it but I forgot, it's something to do with identifying a partial sum, it is the sum of (e^(-0.02k)) Thanks in advance.
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    Precision of Sum of Random Variables

    If we increase the sample size on the average by a factor k, then the precision 1/(standard error) on the estimate of the mean increases by a factor of sqrt(n). My question is what if anything can we say quantitatively about the change in precision on the SUM of random variables as the sample...
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    Standard Error; A fairly simple question

    Hello All, Just a little something I am unsure about, I hope you can help! So, If you have a pile of averages (say stem weight and root weight) and so you have two seperate standard errors. Now I want a standard error for the total weight, can I just add the two standard errors and have my...
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    sum in column by date

    Hi all, I have a small problem which is holding me back and I cannot figure it out. In a dataset I need to calculate the sum of variable "value" and put the result in a new variable "result". The problem is, that the calculation needs to be done by id and date. Every id can have multiple...