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    Ranking a Location using Linear Regression

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem with a software patented in the USA. It is a location evaluation software, which offers insights on determining the best location for starting-up a gas station / petrol station. While reading the patent thoroughly, I feel that the software operates based...
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    Help generating summary variable of medication data in Stata.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to stata, so any advice on how to code this would be greatly appreciated. I have medication data for 1500 patients. Each row represents a unique medication ID, so each patient may be represented in multiple rows if he/she has multiple meds (example below). I'd like to...
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    Summation Problem - new in the forum

    Hello everyone, I am new in the forum and I came here because I am desperate. I am taking stats 1101 in school not because I chose to, but because I need this class to graduate. I have an assignment that is due next week and I need help with this question. My prof did not teach us this topic...
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    Descriptive Summations

    How would I go about solving this? 1/nΣxi^2=100 and 1/nΣxi=2. Define yi=2xi+1 and find 1/nΣyi^2.
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    forming summated scales from Likert-type items in SPSS

    Howdy, I have a data set of mostly Likert-type items. In particular, I have 18 4-point items that measure 3 constructs (7, 6, and 5 items per construct). The database has 278 respondents, although not every one answered every question. My question is how to get SPSS to provide mean and std dev...