survey research design

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    Partitioning Longer Survey

    I have to field a necessarily long marketing survey. I think that there are techniques for partitioning the questions so that all are covered in the aggregate, but no one respondent sees or answers them all. 1. Is there a term of art for doing this? I've fumbled around in search engines to...
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    Minimum Sample Size for a Survey

    Hi guys, Here's a question I've been struggling with over the past week. My employer would like to perform a survey to gauge public opinion on a number of government agencies. I'm trying to put together the concept and one of the questions I've run across has been "what would be the minimum...
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    One-tail test for research

    Hello, I am new to research metholologies and statistical testing. Currently, I am involved in the data analysis section of research. My instructor wants me to discuss the application of a one-tail test to my research. I am studying the effect of technology training on teachers' computer...