1. trinker

    Recommendation: Journals that may have survey research

    Hopefully the title says it all. I'm trying to get more familiar with survey research (how it's written up, research questions, methods of analysis etc.). If you come across journals that tend to have this type of research (survey) could you throw out the name of that journal (particularly if...
  2. T

    Small sample and a discussion re: relevant analytical methods

    I have a small sample that I have analyzed with various methods, however I want to have a discussion with smarter people than I if there are additional tests that I have overlooked. Context: I am studying what management practices help employees feel better after a service failure...
  3. R

    Survey Data for performance metrics

    Dear Stats Forum, I have a question about how to use subjective survey data in the development of design and performance targets for a product. I work in an engineering group that would like to incorporate user satisfaction data in the assessment of product targets in the early stages of...
  4. L

    PLEASE HELP! Should be simple for those familiar with SPSS/statisitcs

    Just 2 quick questions that I really hope someone can help with. I’m using SPSS to analyze data collected from a survey that was distributed to 110 participants. I don’t need help setting up the data; I just need help knowing which tests are appropriate. One things I am looking at is...
  5. D

    Visualising survey responses

    Hi there, We have got back the results of a survey and I was hoping someone could help with R code to visualise the results. There were about 20 questions in total with likert scales. We'd like to view the responses by age groups and gender. I think a mosaic plot might be the best but I can't...
  6. S

    Complex Survey Design - Analysis Conundrum <- Not homework

    Hi Stats forum, So, I am the analyst for a stratified cluster sample survey. We surveyed facilities to evaluate a safety program. The survey had 5 parts. Interviewers went to the facility and staff were randomly chosen to be interviewed. Different staff were interviewed for different parts...
  7. 1

    Post Tests on a one-group pre-test/post-test research design

    I have conducted a survey as a pre-test. Is it okay for the post-test to be a semi-opened questionnaire regarding the same content. Will validity be an issue?
  8. P

    Comparing mean averages from survey

    Okay, I am fairly new to SPSS but am pressed for time in seeing if any statistically significant differences (.05) are evident. I have two groups (1) (n=30 and (2) n=40). I asked 28 survey questions and have the mean average for each question from each of the two groups. When I try to...
  9. H

    Ranking question analysis

    I want to understand what is the best to analyze ranking data. We just completed a survey with 132 respondents. They were shown a list of 11 attributes and asked to pick the top 5. What method should be used to identify the top 3 attributes? Is it okay to do a straight mean if the N is...
  10. E

    chi-square assumptions with survey data

    Hi guys, I've been asked to run some analyses on some survey data and since it's been a long time since i ran one, I just wanted to check I'm not overlooking some assumptions assoicated with the chi-square test of independence as the text books I've been referring to are quite basic. The...
  11. G

    How to measure coherence of responses on surveys

    Sorry all, I've tried Google, wikipedia, searching here. I suspect I don't have the right buzzword. Here's the study: I am implementing an educational methodology in how to evaluate journal articles in Journal Club. There will be a 6 month pre-intervention survey period, followed by a 6...