survival analysis

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    Testing for hypergeometric distribution assumption in log rank test

    Hi, When using log rank test, there is assumption made on the observations of subjects having reached intended event to be hypergeometric. Is there a way to test this assumption whether it holds true or not and how can this test be done in R or Python given a dataset that has the subjects from...
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    Kaplan-Meier Estimator Formula

    I am trying to figure out which approach I should use to plot the KM Survival estimator. I am referring to different resources. One from the Survival Analysis Course provided through Coursera and another through a tutorial provided via KDD...
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    Survival Analysis-missing time points?

    Hi everyone, Im new to survival analysis and I was hoping I could get some help. I am trying to perform survival analysis (time to event) on a year long trial where participants are sampled at multiple time points and I am looking for time of event (infection occurrence) and also for time of...
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    Estimating the probability of the residual lifetime based on Kaplan-Meier curve

    So I had this question on my exam about survival analysis and I didn't know the answer but I would like to know how I should answer it: "Give, based on this KM-curve, an estimate for the probability that the residual lifetime is larger than 300 days, when the patient is already standing on the...
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    Should IRRs and HRs always be equal?

    I am running an analysis in a large population registry where individuals enter and leave the dataset at different time points. When i estimated the IRR between two distinct groups and a health outcome, and then a HR, I am finding a small difference (IRR 2.18, HR 2.01). Shouldn't they have...
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    Interpreting the COX Model

    Am new to Survival Analysis, and am doing this for my Dissertation; The main purpose is to check the survival time to recovery from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). My time event variable is; (1=Recovered from SAM and 0=Event did not Happen). Some of those that were censored included...
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    Survival analysis with delayed entries (and left truncation ?)

    Hello everyone I have a database starting 01/01/1995 of insured persons some of whom are in a state of disability. I want to calibrate the survival distribution of the population in disability. However, I can not use the data of people with disabilities between 1995 and 2000 (entered and exited...
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    Which competing risks survival analysis to choose

    Hi guys and girls, First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully provide me with an answer. Context: I'm an MD, currently in my third year of my PhD in adult oncology. I'm doing a study regarding treatment-related mortality. In this study, we have roughly 2000 patients...
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    Bootstrapping for cox regression analysis

    Hello, I have categorical data (high/low) on a protein which I am investigating its potential role as a prognostic utility. I have run a cox regression with the categorical data and 3 year survival as outcome (dead/alive) I get a significant results (attached). I then ran...
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    Survival Analysis Alternative for disproportionately missing cases

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Data world and am facing a problem which I can’t seem to fix. My task is to analyze why some people cancel their policies and some don’t (find sig. factors) and to estimate the risk of cancelling for different groups. I was thinking of using survival analysis...
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    What is the most suitable test for survival data?

    I have a data set of two groups of individuals that I want to compare. The data contains who survived and who didn't after 40 days and after 1 year. So this is not a numerical data but a kind of 0/1 data (survive/did not survive). What is the test I should use? Thank you very much, Roy.
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    Empirical Survivor Function (esf)

    From page 26, chapter 2 of the reference "Tableman, M., & Kim, J. S. (2003). Survival analysis using S: analysis of time-to-event data. CRC press", I have found the definition of the empirical survivor function (esf) is S(t) = (number of individuals > t)/n . But from page 80, chapter 3 of...
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    Significance between ratios?

    I'm performing a survival analysis where I compare between 2 conditions in one cell type (cell type 1) vs two conditions in the other (cell type 2). The "Recovery factor" = Survival Condition1/Survival Condition2 Survival Condition1 and Survival Condition2 are each calculated from the mean of...
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    Survival Analysis with two types of event

    Hi, guys! I'm looking for an example of kaplan meier with two different types of event, e.g. tumor progression or death as outcomes. Somebody knows a paper where two outcomes were reported in same KM curve? Thanks A
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    Help with RPSFT model implementation in SAS

    Hi! I am doing an analysis on overall survival endpoint. The patients in the placebo group will be switched to treatment group in the open-label phase on voluntary base. I plan to use Rank-preserving structural failure time method (RPSFT) model. Is anyone familiar with this method and know how...
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    discrete time survival analysis

    I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know how to do discrete time survival analysis with time varying covariates. Some part of my data set is as follows (d1-d12: are dummy variables for each time period): ID TIME EVENT x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 1 1 0 1.28 0.02 0.87 1.22 0.06...
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    Rewriting integration by summation

    Suppose that n individuals have lifetimes represented by random variables T_1, T_2, \ldots, T_n. Instead of the observed values for each lifetime, we have a time t_i' which we know is either the lifetime or censoring time. Let us define a variable \delta_i=I(T_i=t_i') that equals 1 if...
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    propensity matching and ITT for cohort study

    I am reviewing a cohort study that used a retrospective database to determine if treatment with hypothermia post cardiac arrest improves survival to discharge. They used what seems like fairly robust propensity matching analysis. However they then adjusted afterwards again with sensitivity...
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    Area under Kaplan Meier curve

    There is one thing bothering me for some time: What does area under Kaplan-Meier survival curve actally represent? Is there a plausible way to compare two areas under curve when for instance two curves cross late in follow-up and invalidate the use of log-rank test due to violation of...
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    logistic regression or survival analysis?

    Hello, I have two main questions that I hope you help me answer. Let me give you the scenario first. Let’s say that some students in a school are assigned to 3 different programs after being involved in a fight. The aim of the program is to prevent students from fighting with each other. My...