systat 13

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    [SigmaPlot] - X units when regressed on time?

    My data structure follows: X data are dates, say March 29, 2016 to July 12, 2016. There are 105 days in this date range. Y data are percentages (0-100% of nitrogen released from a slow release fertilizer). I run a regression (quadratic polynomial), and it gives me an equation of...
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    Systat 13 / How to redefine error terms?

    Hi there guys, I’m trying to do a repeated measure ANOVA with 2 grouping factors (TRAIT$ and BLOC$, with BLOC$ nested in TRAIT$) and 1 within factor (TIME). As I have a model with fixed and random effects, I would like to redefine some error terms that are miscalculated by Systat in the GLM...