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    SYSTAT 13 - why only one line of glm output?

    Tried with my data and couldn't figure what I was doing wrong. So I then tried with a data set from systat and copied exactly what it said in the manual. I only get one line of output rather than the output shown in the manual. Any suggestions?
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    [SYSTAT] - Looking for an OLD Version (likely SYSTAT 5 for Mac)

    Hi all, I know this is an extraordinary long-shot, but does anyone have the capability to open files created with SYSTAT for Mac in the mid-90s...and then convert them into something readable by a modern computer running SYSTAT 13, Excel, SPSS...really, anything modern? I am working on a...
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    Systat13 / Problem with plot of Residuals vs Predicted values - repeated measureANOVA

    Hi there, I’m trying to do 2 analysis from one set of data. - 1st analysis: repeated measure ANOVA with 1 grouping factor (TRAIT$) and 1 within factor (TIME). a/ I used the ANOVA procedure. To check the conditions of normality and variance equality for the ANOVA: can I use ‘only’ the...
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    Correlation between Binary (presence/absence)and Continuous Data

    Thanks for the help in advance! I have a binary variable (1 or 0) that describes if a species is present or absent in an area. I also have a list of various crop acreages (continuous variable). I want to correlate the two to see if a certain crops acreage is correlated to the species...
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    [SYSTAT] - a few small chart editing issues

    Hi - am teaching myself to use SYSTAT (actually MYSTAT) and have two small hang-ups in editing a bar chart. 1) I cannot seem to edit the color of the boxes in the legend to correspond with the color that I have changed the bars in the chart. 2) I have changed the orientation of the Y-axis...