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    Confusion between z and t values

    Hi, Alright so I have some confusion on when to use specific tests and the z vs t test. Given this example (not my homework) could someone please clarify. Alright say you have a random sample of size 200. You find the sample mean to be 10 and the sample standard deviation to be 5. What...
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    linear correlation between T values and coefficients for two-level factorial designs

    Hi all Since I'm not sure if it is a problem of Minitab or not I decided to post this question here. I'm new in multivariate statistics and I would like to understand a possible "linear correlation" between T values and the model coefficients in two-level factorial designs. The problem is...
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    Stats Homework HELP!

    EDIT: How can I show effort when I literally have no idea where to start? I am desperate to understand this. I have read the requirements for homework help. I am failing this class. I am taking the class online and have emailed my professor numerous times and have never received a reply. I have...