three-way anova

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    3-way ANOVA with unequal sample sizes (between-groups)

    Dear smart people, I am currently finishing my Master's in International Business Communication and have run into a problem with my data. I was wondering if you guys could maybe offer me some guidance on how to proceed? For my research, I did the following experiment: In a...
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    What follow-up tests for 3-way repeated measures ANOVA with no 3-way interaction?

    For a three-way repeated measures ANOVA: Do I use simple main effects syntax or just run t-tests in SPSS in my follow up analyses (pairwise comparisons?) for a non-significant three-way interaction, with 1 significant 2-way, and 3 significant main effects? I'm interested not just in the...
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    Three-way ANOVA interaction: Post-Hoc tests

    Hi There, I have a 2x3x4 repeated measured anova. I have a significant 3-way interaction, and I want to make sure that I am using the correct post hoc comparisons and not violating any key statistics theory. If we consider my 2x3x4 RM ANOVA to be AxBxC. With the significant 3-way interaction...
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    •Comparing groups - which test should I use(t-test or ANOVA)

    The general infomation is: We have 6 kinds of material and have 4 group for each material now(please see the attached table) we cut one tooth to two halves(A and B) and bonded two composite cylinder to each half(cylinder 1 and 2). half A is control group(just following the normal bonding...
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    t-tests after three-way ANOVA?

    Hi all, I've just run a three-way ANOVA on my data (3 IVs, 1 DV). I've got some main effects, as well as a three-way interaction effect. Am I supposed to run t-tests after the ANOVA in order to work out where the significant interaction effect is stemming from? Thanks