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    Tobit Regression

    Can I use categorical independent variables in tobit regression? If yes, how to interpret the results?
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    How to analyze extremly left-skewed data?

    Hey everyone, I am facing some trouble with the data of my master thesis and so I am looking for more general advice on how to deal with this topic: I am investigating between the % of family ownership in family firms and the acquisition stake (also in %). Therefore, I planned to use a Tobit...
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    Statistical Analysis help for thesis - Correlation, Probit, Tobit and Moderation

    Hello Talkstats users! I am writing here cause I need some guidance on my statistical analysis which has turned out far too complex for my basically begineer stats skills and my self research. Before I ask my specific, I will give some background to my work. The scope of my analysis is to...
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    Tobit model

    Hello, how does the Tobit model treat censored dependent variable data? I have a dataset with zeros that actually stand for non-zero but missing observations. Which is why I don't want them to be viewed as zeros. How does Tobit apply to this?
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    Marginal effect Tobit in Stata

    Hi everyone, How can I calculate with the margins command the marginal effect of a variable for a Tobit model in Stata using for all variables their mean value ? So, in other words, how can I calculate the marginal effect at the mean of all variables? Any help is much appreciated...