1. N

    Recoding/transforming problem

    Hello everyone, As a very begginer in SPSS I would ask you for help with some transformation from table A into table B. I have to recode values of "brand" variable into columns and make 0-1 variables. I can do it in this particular case in this simple way: compute GREEN_CARE=0. compute...
  2. J

    SPSS: transforming variables?

    I am doing a single linear regression and multiple regression, but I have a question about my independent variable. My independent variables (X) are between 0 and 100. Some of my hypothesizes is that "A high X will lead to a lower Y" High X = value above fifty to hundred and Low x =...
  3. S

    A 6th response option ("I don't know") added to a 5-point Likert scale. Is data lost?

    Hello, everyone, I need a little bit of help salvaging the data from a questionnaire. One of my colleagues applied a questionnaire, but inadvertently, instead of using the original 5-point Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree), he inserted a 6th answer into the scale. And, to...
  4. trinker

    Constrain a value to be between -1 and 1

    I asked this question a while back and never found an answer. After reading my multilevel book I realized the answer from the logit link reading: ((1 - (1/(1 + exp(x)))) * 2) - 1 This should take any real number between -Inf and Inf and transform it to between -1 and 1. I think. I came up...
  5. Y

    T-Transformation & Scales? Transforming 3 different variables into one variable

    Hello, If anyone could help me with this SPSS question I will be forever grateful. :) I have three measures in my survey regarding drinking behavior and after conducting a chronbach alpha test they are essentially the same question asking the same thing (alpha= 0.582). I would like to...
  6. V

    creating a composite variable?

    I am a student doing my master's thesis and I have a question regarding my study. I am working with country data for 25 countries and I am looking into cultural values, attitudes and sociodemographics as predictors of environmental behavior. For the dependent variable environmental behavior I...
  7. M


    Hi, I have a large SAS code which I need to translate to MATLAB code. So I have two questions. Is there any easy way of porting SAS code to MATLAB? As the chances of the prior question is slim; What is the easiest way of getting an overview of the syntax and commands of SAS. Is there...
  8. B

    Transform data for outlier analysis?

    Hey everyone, I have a data set which is log normally distributed and want to detect outliers, so far I used a threshold approach: vector contains the values of interest. outlier detected if: value > ((2*(median absolute deviation(vector))/0.6745) + median(vector) My problem is: is...
  9. F

    How to standardise scale variables with different ranges?

    Hello! I have some variables which are scale but their limits vary. Namely, the one has range from 1 to 30, the other from 2 to 5, and so on. Is there any way to tranform them (or recompute them) in such a way that they will be standardised and will all have the same range? :confused:
  10. M

    How to handle unit quantities on invoices

    I am working with invoice data and analyzing thousands of prices and part numbers on invoices. I think I have to convert the data into individual data points to be able to sample it correctly and do calculations. Is there a way to convert or transform this data without writing a script to do...
  11. R

    Transforming Variables

    I have several different variables. The majority of the variables were positively skewed and therefore I did a log10 transformation to make them more normal. However, two of the variables were quite normal already and now after log10 are more negatively skewed. In order for me to do some...