transforming data

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    Transforming Data - New Values for Multiple Variables

    I am new to SPSS, and plagued by the concern that it is applying the new values (set up, of course, separately and unique to each variable) in error across the board to both variables in question (I'm only looking at two right now). Even if only one variable is selected, or in the "Numeric...
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    SPSS Transforming data

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me with a variable transformation problem on SPSS? I'm trying to transform variable into a new variable in order to reverse the scores. At the moment 0 = no distress and 4 = high distress, but I want to reverse the values to match the scoring direction of...
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    Unsure if I need to transform my data or use a p-value correction for multiple comps.

    Hello all, Right off the bat I'd like to say that I'm pretty new to statistics and am having to employ some for analysing the results of a listening test I conducted for my masters thesis (in Environmental Acoustics), so apologies if I struggle to explain myself clearly! Essentially, my...