ttest in excel

  1. confused_pleasehelp

    two-sample assuming unequal variances - too sensitive?

    Hi there, I'm comparing image values in a tumour region before and after treatment. I'm trying to see if the value of the pixels is significantly different after treatment. The histogram distributions look like this (for one tumour): I assumed using the 'two-sample test assuming unequal...
  2. D

    Which T-Test tails/types do I use in Excel?

    Hi everyone, I apologise in advance in if I have posted in the wrong thread. I am trying to perform a t test here where I am using the AssessMark against the SuprtScore, QualScore, SatisfScore and SysBen columns. As I am using excel to perform the computation, I am not so sure if I am doing it...
  3. L

    Need help to test the significance

    I want to make a test to see if the difference is significant or not. What I have is two different groups of values (one with 31 values and the other with 28 values). These values have nothing to do with each other, (since it is values of iron intake for people in two different cities). I need...