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    R Consulting Project

    Hi! I am looking for a consultant/tutor for a simple project in R that involves merging datasets. Is this a appropriate section to post in? I can pay via PayPal and work in google hangouts if possible. Please reply if interested!! Thank you!
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    Tutor needed for R programming help PAID tutor opportunity

    Hi my name is Sam. I am looking for a statistics tutor who is familiar with the R programming language. I have some questions that I need help with and they are in the R programming software. I can compensate you for your time. I can scan and email you the questions I need help with. I will...
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    R gui statistics, tutor me $30 hour, negotiable

    Please teach me R programming language and how to compute the following statistical topics with it: Logistic and Poisson Regression Central Limit Theorem ANOVA Single, two pop tests Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Time Series Analysis ARIMA Models Hierarchical Bayesian Methods...
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    Job Openings for Online Statistics Tutors

    Hi Everyone, Tutor.com is currently looking for more Online Statistics Tutors. All of the tutoring takes place online through their proprietary classroom and you can tutor from anywhere you have a high speed internet connection. The students are connecting from schools, libraries and...