type i error

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    Comparing Models with Different Scope

    Hi All, I'm looking for any research papers in the Statistics literature or any information, in general, about comparing the performance of two different models when one of them imposes more severe restrictions on the data. Here is my specific case: I am trying to predict the occurrence of...
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    Do i need to correct for family wise error when doing moderation and mediation?

    Hi, I've been analyzing data for moderating and mediating relationships and am wondering how necessary it is to correct for family wise error in moderation and mediation analysis. I have read arguments for and against correction for family wise error in the literature. My moderation/mediation...
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    How do you know if you're making a Type I or Type II error?

    Type I and II errors seem really theoretical. In real life, how would you ever know if you're making a Type I or Type II error? Can anyone provide any practical examples of where someone doing social science research has found out they've committed one of the two errors?
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    Type I and type II errors in multiple factor ANOVA

    Hello, I wonder if someone can explain to me what happens with type I and type II errors as you add more factors to ANOVA design, specifically to the repeated measures. Thank you.
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    Controlling for familywise error for large correlations matrix

    Hi there, I have 24 variables that I am currently running spearman's rank order correlations on in SPSS 19. I have read up a bit on familywise error and false discovery rate (e.g. http://www.unt.edu/rss/class/mike/5030/articles/falsediscovery2.pdf) but still do not have a clear idea on how...