unequal sample size

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    Unequal sample size of 2 groups data. Will it affect the ANOVA result?

    Hi All, I have a doubt. I have a dataset attached in the below image. I am doing ANOVA on the dataset to findout Dosage have a significant effect on Injected_timing. But I have unequal data(For person1 , there is 2 morning and 1 evening data. For person2, there is 2 morning and 1 evening...
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    Paired t test unequal sample sizes?

    I want to find if there's a significance between the two levels average mean values from my dependent variable "X," which are "High X" and "Low X." High X (85 items) + Low X (65 items) = X (150 items) Both have unequal sample size, but they're from the same group "X." I opted for paired sample...
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    Guidelines on Unequal Sample Sizes in Multilevel Models

    One of the advantages of using multilevel models is their tolerance to heterogeneity of variances between groups (or points in time for multilevel models of change). And one of the main problems with having unequal sizes between groups is that this inequality can create heterogeneous variance...
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    Unbalanced designs in PERMANOVA and Resampling Methods

    Dear all, I am a new member here, working mainly in Ecology. I hope this is the right section to ask my question. I am dealing with unbalanced designs (I am comparing groups with different sample sizes) in PERMANOVA (Permutational Multivariate Analysis of Variance). The PERMANOVA runs...
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    dummy regression - unequal sample sizes

    Hello, I am conducting a linear regression analysis in SPSS with different variables: - scale, - 2-level nominal, - 5-level nominal (dummy) The sample sizes / frequencies for three of the five levels of my last dummy variables are under the recommended 15% (namely 12,5%, 5% and 5%). Can I...
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    What to do with unequal sample sizes?

    I am working on this time-effect project in which we pulled data at different time points from a big old data set. The issue is that all subjects were sacrificed at different times after treatment. So I have 16 samples at time 1, 10 samples at time 2, and so on. I am going to do Friedman test...
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    Regression analysis or ANOVA for unequal sample sizes

    Hello everyone :) First I want to apologize for my Eniglish, I´m not a native speaker. I am currently working on a research for school purposes, as I can´t write what my research is about I describe example equal to my research: I study relationship between eating bananas and extraversion...
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    JMP - One Way ANOVA with unequal sample size

    why pooled Std err is bigger than the mean value of a group, when the sample size of three groups used in the analysis are different. Thanks.
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    MANOVA: unequal group numbers and inverse transformation

    Hi! :wave: I'm helping my wife with stats for her dissertation. The basic setup: DVs: 15 response items on a personality test IV: 5 levels (different types of trauma) with hugely different ns for each level; n1=16, n2=13, n3=34, n4=21, n5=101 Straight MANOVA in SPSS was showing big...
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    What tests should I use to analyze my data? Immediate input appreciated

    Hello TalkStats members :wave: I have some data I need to analyze. I first would like to say I hope I am posting this in the correct sub-forum, and I greatly appreciate any suggestions given. I have 116 "Case" patients, and 100 "Control" patients. Let's say, the "cases" have heart...
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    One-way ANOVA with unequal sample sizes

    Please ignore question no longer need help - thank you for all of your responses!