unequal variances

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    Unequal sample sizes, unequal variances, help my ANCOVA!

    Hi everyone, I am trying to test to see if there is a difference between the means in two populations. Population A: 100 people, controls Population B: 330 people, anorexic I want to see whether they differ on a measure of body checking (ex: pinching fat). I'm using SPSS...
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    Unequal variances in ANOVA

    Non-statistician here, looking for help... My data (data from 8 different populations of plants) when analyzed using one-way ANOVA on SPSS v21 shows that the variances are unequal so the one-way ANOVA can't proceed and I also can't accept Tukey's multiple range comparisons...
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    t-Test Two-Sample

    Hi, I perform t-Test Two-Sample in Excel using the Analysis Tool pack. I used both methods: 1) Assuming Unequal Variances, 2) Assuming Equal Variances. I get in both cases that they are significant. How can it be? The H0 assumption is opposite in both cases. Isn't it? Thanks, Tamiri