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    An alternative to Mardia-Watson-Wheeler uniform-scores test

    Dear all, this is my first post so please excuse any misunderstanding. I am working with nonparametric data and I was trying to apply a Mardia-Watson-Wheeler uniform-scores test to 2 or more different classes of data to check if they come from the same population. Unfortunately, some classes...
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    Confidence Intervals affected by type of distribution

    How is the accuracy of confidence intervals affected by the population of interests distribution? I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around this. Thanks!
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    Method of Moments Help

    I was doing a problem. I forgot to mention in the following images, but the question is to find estimates for the two parameters using method of moments. The sample size is 4 with Y1=8.3, Y2=4.9, Y3=2.6, Y4=6.5
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    Probability that one random variable is greater than another

    I need to find the probability that a normally-distributed random variable is greater than a uniformly-distributed random variable. That is: X \sim \mathcal{N}(\mu, \sigma^2) Y \sim \mathcal{U}(0, 1) What I'm looking for is: Pr(X \ge Y). I got this thus far, but I'm not sure it's right, and...
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    Uniform distribution question

    Large random samples of size n are taken from a population which follows a uniform distribution with mean 25 and variance of 22. a) What is the expected value of the sample mean? b) Can the Central Limit Theorem be applied in this case? c) The probability that a sample mean is greater than 27...
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    Help please with the problem

    W is a standard exponential distribution. Q is distributed uniformly on [0,2pi] W and Q are independent. R=sqrt(2W) -pi/2<=a<=pi/2 - constant. U=Rcos(Q) V=Rsin(Q+a) Need to prove (U,V) has bivariate normal distribution with correlation equal to sin(a) Its hard for me to solve it, I...
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    Gini coefficient for a uniform distribution of wages

    I need to compute the Gini coefficient for a uniform distribution of wages between a lower bound L and a higher bound K. What formula should I use ? Thank you for helping.
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    Uniform and Independent Probability (Simple Problem)

    Hey there, I have a quick question. The problem: 3 numbers, say X, Y, and Z are chosen from a set of numbers (1 to n) where n is greater or equal to 1, in a uniform and independent manner. Question 1 What's the chance that all these three numbers take on the same value, i.e. X=Y=Z...
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    MLE of range of Uniform(a,b)

    So, I want an MLE for (b - a). log L(a,b|x) = -n log (b - a) given a < x_(1) and b > x_(n) but d/da log L gives me n/(b-a) >, and in fact =/= 0, so since log L is strictly increasing for a, the MLE of a is x_(1). d/db log L gives me -n/(b-a), by the same arguments (just flipped), the...
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    Simple user-defined function in R

    Hi, i was looking through the forum but unfortunately couldn't find solution for my problem. I need to use simulation to show that sums of independent uniform random variables approach a Gaussian distribution. I want to write function of m, n, a, b , where m is number of simulations, n is size...