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    Erlang's loss system, the B-formula - Problem

    Hello, Here's how the problem goes "The loss in the group of s = 30 channels is B(30, y) = 0.2. What would be the loss in the selective selection of traffic of the same intensity if in the previous situation you used a) the first 15 common channels b) the last 15 common channels". The part that...
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    M.S. vs M.A.S. in Applied Statistics for future career

    Hello, I have a B.S. in biology and I'm currently working as biologist. I am wanting to pursue a master's degree in statistics and there are several online programs that look intriguing. A couple of them are M.S. degrees and one (the one I like the best) is a M.A.S. All of them are applied...
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    What test should I use to analyze my data?

    I'm currently a fourth year university student. As part of my studies, I'm taking a class called Capstone, where students design and carry out a research project. An essential part of formulating this researchm is choosing a statistical procedure with which to analyze and present your results...